The Five Drain Problems That Call For a Plumber's Help

5 drain problems that call for a plumber

Drain problems are some of the most common that pop up around Chicago homes, and, as a result, many homeowners think they can tackle their drain hassles themselves - often with some harsh liquid drain cleaners. The fact of the matter is that home drain cleaners can be dangerous, and, more often than not, they also just don't work as well as they should - especially for the amount of damage they can cause to your pipes, as the chemicals begin to erode pipe walls once they deal with the block or clog. 

And there's one other problem that chemical drain cleaners can't tackle. Oftentimes, the smaller problem that you notice is really indicative of a much bigger problem - one that you may not catch, until it's too late!

As a rule of thumb, if plunging or basic snaking isn't doing the trick, you'll want to call a plumbing professional for help. Here are five specific drain behaviors that often suggest that you've got a larger problem - one that may require a professional intervention.

1. The Slow Drain

The slow drain is a sneaky culprit that often seems like a non-issue. If the water drains eventually, it isn't that big a deal, right?

In reality, slow drains can be indicative of a variety of more complicated problems which could all compound with time, including grease/oil buildup, improper drainage system grading, or maybe a larger block deeper into your system. If you notice your drain getting steadily slower to drain over time, it is a good idea to have a professional come in to asses what's really going on.

2. The Recurring Clog

Feel like your drain is constantly getting clogged? That you have a "problem drain"? Odds are that tour instincts are correct. This type of drain problem is usually directly related to specific "problem spots" in your pipe, which tend to accumulate oil, food, grime, hair, and other general debris, leading to all sorts of general problems.

While you may be able to successfully clear superficial blockages, there's always the risk that your plunging will not able to completely clear these harder-to-reach problem areas. Call a professional and ask about hydro-jetting to completely clear out your problem spots (and others that may be developing) in an extremely efficient manner.

3. Multiple Clogs

Sink overflows? Toilet gets clogged? Bathtub won't drain? You probably have a multiple clog situation on your hands.

This is a big indicator that there is something seriously amiss with your internal plumbing structure - which likely warrants immediate professional attention. Plungers and other readily available department store fixes won't cut it with this plumbing problem.

Call a professional to come and take a look at what is really going on, as a deep cleaning - or even a plumbing system overhaul - may be in order.

4. Your Drains Smell

Why does it stink in your bathroom? Over time, pollutants in your sewage line can build up and break down; this deterioration sends a pungent odor up your pipes and into your bathroom. Broken pipes or a sewer line that may need fixing could well be the culprit.

If you notice a recurring, foul odor, it is important to call in a professional!  If you can't locate the source of your stinky smell, know that this is a problem that will only escalate with time, one that is likely to be untreatable by home products.

5. Flooding

If you have any sort of flooding occurring, stop what you're doing and call a plumbing professional in ASAP! Whatever the source of that overflowing water, flooding can cause a massive amount of damage to your personal property and put you and your family in danger. It's important to stem the tide and get help - before it's too late!

A bonus tip? If you don't already have a sump pump installed, call a professional to come out and consult with you about installing one immediately. Having a functional sump pump system in place may well be your best protection against unexpected flooding.

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