Should I Hire a Plumber to Install My Garbage Disposal?

Should I Hire a Plumber to Install My Garbage Disposal? (Source: - used as royalty free image)

Garbage disposals are kind of like magic tricks. For one thing, there’s their one-of-a-kind ability to just make food waste seemingly disappear into thin air. For another, like the best magic tricks, the right garbage disposal is capable of changing your life forever, making you wonder how you ever got along before this marvelous thing entered your world. 

You see, in addition to protecting your plumbing from unnecessary wear, tear, and clogging, garbage disposals also help divert food waste away from landfills, where up to 20% of all waste comes from food products. That means that having a garbage disposal in place will save you money and stress every single day – while helping you save the planet at the same time. Sounds good, right?

At this point, you may have already opened up a new tab on your browser and searched “how to install a garbage disposal.” We get the impulse! But before you go rush out, buy a new unit, and attempt to install it under your kitchen sink, we strongly encourage you to reach out to a plumber or contractor in order to make sure that the installation is done properly, the first time.

But wait, you may be saying, I’ve done plenty of DIY plumbing jobs over the years. What makes a garbage disposal any different than installing a showerhead or changing out a faucet?

The thing is? Garbage disposals are much more complex than any of those fixtures – and the potential for harm to yourself and your home if you get anything wrong is much, much higher.

Like your water heater, your sump pump, or your washing machine, the disposal is an appliance that should really be installed and serviced only by a professional. Disposals connect to multiple systems in your home; not only do they need to be mounted under your sink, but they also need to connect to drain lines and, in most cases, a dishwasher line, as well.

On top of that, disposals also come with electrical connections that need to be made; understanding circuitry and wires is a whole different ballgame than the typical DIY project. Whenever you’re working with an electrical system, the skill level is much higher – as is the risk of serious injury or death.

What’s more, most homeowners probably won’t have the equipment necessary to successfully handle a garbage disposal install on their own. Even if you have a well-stocked toolkit, we’re willing to bet you don’t just have a PVC saw, plumber’s putty, or a circuit tester on hand, nor do you likely have the necessary parts and fittings that may be required to affix a new unit to your existing connection site. Certainly, you could go out and purchase all of these tools and plumbing pieces – but, at that point, you’re spending time and money that could be saved by just reaching out to a service professional.

When the time to repair, replace, or add a garbage disposal comes, don’t hesitate to reach out to J. Blanton Plumbing! Our team has seen it all over the years, and we’d be more than happy to help set you on the right path to a cleaner, more efficient kitchen. Drop us a line today to talk shop or get your free estimate!